SEO Consultancy Services

Welcome to, which is an extension of our continued commitment to you and our current client base. We are a seo services marketing consultancy copywriting firm and we strive to drive you quality internet traffic to your website through a number of ways including: organic seo, seo campaigns, pay-per-click (PPC) seo, blog seo and social network seo.

We do not stop at just putting your website on top of search engine searches, but we want to put your website on top of search engine searches:

with keywords that give a decent ROI;
with keywords which aim at specific marketing goals;
with strategies which will restructure you to fully utilise your current resources;
with strategies which promote your market edge and market niche;
with SEO / SEM strategies which work in conjuction with your current offline marketing plan.

Why is this so important for your website?

We provide comprehensive SEM and SEO services. We are fully aware that search engines are the way in which:

90% of people use search engines to locate the internet resource they need;
84% of searchers will not search past the bottom of page two of search engines;
65% of people never use pay-per-click / paid results;
15% of all sales in Britain are now completely online;
40% of all purchases will be done online by the year 2020.

With such figures, it is not surprising that more and more companies are taking SEM and SEO very seriously. There are many markets that can be tapped, but this can only be of benefit to you by knowing what exactly needs to be done and how to proceed.